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Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Puppy Party with Heidi

American Bulldog Puppies

Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Our daughters handle our pups daily and maintain the females who are in whelp. When your puppy arrives at your home it will already be used to handling by small children and you can expect a well adjusted pup for your family.

American Bulldog Pups socialization

American Bulldog Puppy training


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The American Bulldog

American Bulldogs should generate the impression of great strength, agility, endurance and exhibit a well-knit, sturdy, compact frame with the absence of excessive bulk. Males are characteristically larger, heavier boned and more masculine than the bitches. The AB is a white or white and patched (brindle or red) dog. When patched he can range from the traditional pied markings of a patch over one or both eyes or ears, or a patch on the base of the tail, to a large saddle patch and various other patches. For judging purposes, distinctions between an ideal "Standard-type" and an ideal "Johnson-type" are defined in brackets and in bold.

American Bulldogs can be wary of strangers but is at home with children and immediate family. If a child and pup are allowed to grow together,you will have a built in baby-sitter. As with any dog, you must be cautious when introducing him to new people. American Bulldogs know what and whom they like; they are an excellent judge of character. You will not be able to force this dog to like someone if his instincts tell him otherwise. His pack comes first and that's who will receive his loyalty.

American Bulldogs are assertive but not aggressive. This dog will not tolerate being mishandled, mistreated, or attacked. It will defend itself to whatever means necessary. It is naturally protective of what and whom it thinks it owns.

American Bulldogs requires a minimum of one hour of exercise each day, rain or shine. If the dog is kept outdoors, this is not a problem, but, if he is an indoor dog, he must get this exercise. Daily walks or runs in a yard are sufficient, but they are necessary. Since this dog has the inherent nature to work, they need the exercise to release some of that pent up energy.

You must be ready to train a American Bulldog Puppy. If not, he will become bored and release his energy upon your dwelling, your shoes, tables..Etc.. If you do not have the time and energy it takes to train and exercise an active dog, then this breed is not for you're and your family.

If you intend to become a breeder, I urge you to study the genetics of this breed. It is important to keep the working ability and health foremost in mind when breeding. By not keeping these traits alive in the breed, you will eventually end up with a lap-dog. One that is only enjoyable to look at without any of its best traits present. This breed has been allowed to evolve for over 400 years with very few changes. Today, we know from studies that some of these traits are directly inherited. For example: It is necessary to understand what the desirable traits are and to breed for those traits. Of course, this doesn't mean that any two dogs can be bred to produce the perfect specimen. It takes a whole lot more than that. You must study the line background of each of the dogs you intend to breed. Know where they came from, and what six generations of ancestors were like. When researching, check for colors, hips or lameness, bite(teeth formation), disease, temperament, ability, conformation, etc. All of their traits must be considered, not just a few. Understand and accept the Probability, not the Possibility, of what may result from the breeding. It takes more than just two dogs to produce that great dog. It takes Time, Knowledge, and Planning.

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American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American Bulldog Studs

Our Past stud Elevenpeaks Simon 120 pounds of handsome. Simon died January 2010 at the age of ten. We have frozen his sperm and plan on using him again in the future with one of his great grandaughters.

Elevenpeaks Simon

American Bulldog Elevenpeaks Simon

Elevenpeaks Samson 150 pounds and is thought to be the largest american bulldog ever to exist.

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Elevenpeaks Samson died in our yard April 2008 RIP Buddy we are better for having you as a member of our family

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Coming soon !! The Martin Mosa Mastiff a true Canadian work of art.

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